Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 12/24/08

Merry Christmas.

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Well, Christmas is here, right~? I wonder, what kind of Christmas will everyone be having?

Me?.....I'll be making a splash on stage......however, I play a 19 year old and I'm wearing a Santa Claus helper costume in this role. (laugh)

As for the town's Holiday illumination decorations, there are several I'm fond of.

Still, when I see a beautiful scene......I pass through it dreamily. (laugh)

Please, Santa, I'm asking again!!

Give me some time off~~~~!!! (laugh)

That's a difficult request, right?

Everyone, please have a lovely Christmas, OK? (heart)



I've already asked Anza to post some costume pics if she gets the chance. Anyone who writes her to wish her well before the Gift show, be sure to ask for pics too!

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