Monday, October 20, 2008

Anza HPP Blog 10/12/08

Hey (star) it's Anza. is everyone? HPP is healthy, except for some muscle pain. (laugh)

We made our return trip home from Kanazawa safely. To everyone who came out to the Kanazawa AZ Fest yesterday, Thank you! (heart)

And everyone on the AZ staff, the local band, "me-Bains" *, along with the members of Guardian Hackers, Thank you!

The amazing-amazing energy I got was enjoyable fun. We were just disappointed over one thing. We weren't able to go soak in the hot springs which the HPP members love so much. (laugh)
The hot spring is truly the Cat band favorite. (?)

Well now, the next live at a huge arena! Uh huh.

I think for sure the tears will come out naturally. (laugh)

When I see the faces of the band members, the face of our manager, and the faces of all the fans that cheer for HPP, I think I'll have all sorts of different feelings on that day!

And then, the anniversary of our goal is coming up, I think. As always, we dream on a grand scale. Saying that, HPP is an important family and there are different things that make me fight out for our dream.

Sometimes, just plain old honesty is tough on a person. Then you cry and feel hurt, and then you quarrel a bit. Good Heavens!

But then I remember that it's all a part of human nature and I laugh about it. Then I get back to making music.

If one person laid down his instrument, that would be the end of the music. Even though one person is not the whole band.

And, unless all the HPP members are together, the music will not be born. That's truly amazing, don't you think? But, it takes Hiro Mar, and Narumi with important drum work from Batch, and myself.

I'm going to push on even more.

I'm bound to lose, right? (laugh)


Well, I finally got this entry done. When my computer broke down, I could have gotten one of my friends to translate this, but I felt I wanted to do this one myself. So, sorry for taking so long.

Not sure of the name of the local band, although I tried to look it up. And I'm not sure what Anza means by, Cat Band.

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