Monday, October 27, 2008

Anza JP Blog 10/26/08

That's right.

I really enjoy the Fall. My cousin wants to know when it starts.....why's that?.....bad weather.

Where is all the clear Autumn weather? (laugh)

This season there are certain places that I definitely want to go....Yessiree Bob!

Where's that?....Kinugawa Hot Springs!!!!! And Sunlight Edo Village as well!

I guess that, very soon, will be an excellent time to go see the fall colors of the trees. Don't you think?......little by little they'll be changing....

Oh well.

There's someone who can't I'm way too busy!

The Vitamin-Q promotion is about to begin.

Also, it's full steam ahead for the HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT Solo Event.

There are just 2 short months left in the year. Don't I deserve a break?

I have to put my health on the front burner.

So.....Muhahaha.....I'll play a trick on everyone.......I'm going to Sunlight Village. (laughing)


I think Anza should play a REALLY big trick on everyone and promote herself over here to America. lol

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