Monday, October 27, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 10/24/08

Oh boy!!!!!!!

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I've just gotten back home. And guess what?

I'm watching the 2nd DVD. Which one?

HPP's Live DVD, "Paralysed Box"!!!!!

What?.....I have tears....(laugh)

I put it on at once to watch it, right? (laugh)

That's correct. It really got a hold of me. Whoa~!!! (?)

I'm laughing and I have tears? HPP saw to it that the contents are full of such feelings.!

Positively, I want everyone to get their hands on it.

Let me change the subject for a bit...

In spite of being busy, I shrewdly found time to go to Disney Sea. (laugh) I could go there anytime and always feel like I was in a country of dreams.

Even at you age, you wore the Minnie Mouse ears headband? Yup, I wore them everywhere. (laugh)

Over there, you can walk around with a natural confidence knowing that everything's OK, right?

Hey, the only thing that still makes me weak are the roller coaster rides. I spent some time waiting while the group went on ahead......

I was sitting on a bench in a surprisingly dreamy state eating caramel popcorn and checking out the scenery to pass the time. There were children frolicking about, couples holding hands, and friends laughing with each other.

Just watching all this was enough to make me happy.

My wish is that next time we all can go.

Everyone in HPP going to Disney Sea together!! (laughing)


I couldn't figure out that one line about the DVD. I posted something that made sense to me.

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