Monday, October 20, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 10/16/08


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It's a clear Autumn sky! It feels great!

Yesterday, for the first time many years? I went over to Disneyland! Of course, I was parading around wearing a head band with Minnie Mouse's big ears! (laughing)

There were only a few people there at the park.....but, I felt I was in a land of dreams.....I really felt like I was healed.

Well, whether I was sleeping or awake, crying or was all to help me reach tomorrow. All the HPP members have turned their attentions to tomorrow. And each one is making their own preparations.

Everyone, help people who come from far away places and be careful. If you're from nearby, be sure to help the late risers to get to the arena. (laugh) any rate, I'll try to concentrate my whole mind and body into the struggle.

HPP is about to begin it's 8th year....? Well, it exceeded my imagination of what I thought possible when we first started.

However, I got through all the obstacles with the help of the other members and the manager who were always there for me.

At certain times, I felt I was dying.....but, now my hopes are high.

Tomorrow, when we meet at the Assembly Hall, I'll get powered up by the fans. That makes me happy.

I'll do my best!

Please, don't forget me!


I'd love to have seen Anza running around Disneyland wearing Minnie's ears! lol

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