Saturday, October 18, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 10/10/08


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The stage show has safely ended. At last, HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT live concerts start back up.

This morning (the 11th), because of the Kanazawa Event performance, I'll be getting up quite early.

It seems that the weather will be bad. So, I think it'll turn into a very hot stage show!

Just one week till "Loud Park"? Hey!!!!

I'm so excited....everyone come and cheer us on!!!!

I've been hooked recently on "Rusk"! Splendid!


I don't know what "Rusk" of Anza's parting zingers for me to wonder about.

The Loud Park Festival show for HPP ended yesterday. Mar on his Mixi page said everything went well. He's supposed to post some pics later. I may try to snag a few for everyone to see.

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