Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HPP Blog 10/29/08 *completed*

Hey (star) it's Anza.

Whoopy! Today, October 29th, is what day? *strap on your thinking caps, boys and girls*

Meat Day?!!

Wrong!! *Guess again, Sport*

It's the launch date of HPP's 2nd Live DVD, "Paralysed Box"!!!!! At last it goes on sale and we can complete our mission....

I can recall....July 13th was a hot summer day in Kawasaki and it was early morning when I set out, to late at night I was able to enjoy it with everyone. (laugh)

And then there was editing work which ended after shooting the PV Video.......(laugh)

Having finished it, I've done good!!!!!

Hey! Everyone be sure to get your copy. I promise you'll love it. (laugh)


The lines between the stars are quips I would have added if it was me writing this entry.

Meat Day? That was a cute joke, Anza. I had to smile at that. lol

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