Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Anza JP Blog 10/20/08

Completely exhausted.

The Loud Park 08 Show at Saitama's huge Arena has ended successfully. For everyone who came to see me, I'm so grateful.

With everyone cheering, it's hard to tell how much that stimulated me to doing a better show......

My hands were shaking and my face turned pure white......when I became aware of it, the show ended , and I returned to normal. (?) (laugh)

Certainly, we were prepared and it took some courage to pull it off. But, there were a lot of people at the Arena that morning, considering that HPP kicked off the Event.....I was very happy. I really appreciate it from the heart.

I want to diligently dedicate my everyday life to even higher goals from now on.

However, there were other wonderful bands to see!!!!

Slip Knot, Carcass, and then Machine Head's appearance.....the bands were totally cool. (heart)

Yuya might have translated this entry better because he was at the show. I did my best though.

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