Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anza HPP Blog 11/6/08

Hey (star) it's Anza

The guy members of HPP are still playing hooky, Eh? (laugh)

Well, we're headed for the One Man concert Event on November 10th and each member is deep in introspection. We'll get in touch with our feelings no matter what.

The DVD is still going strong, thanks to everyone and the many additional orders. Truly, everybody, Thank you very much.

It feels like I have just a little while to enjoy myself, but I'll be happy to take what I can get. (?)

Then, I also really appreciate the fans who are picking up the remaining tickets to the Solo Show. I've heard there are only a few left.

I feel like crying....of course, it's good to be alive when you have such warm feelings.

Recently, I've become much stronger than I had been in the past. My dreams and hopes, my intentions and feelings also....I'm reaching out in a big way to make them grow stronger.

Hey! People are amusing, don't you think? That's to say they try to trick, sneer, and make fun of you, but....if I'm a bit shy and awkward, that isn't a problem at all.

Well then, I should go back to pushing the One Man show, right? (laugh)

Yet one more thing, if there's a song you want to hear, be sure to ask. (laugh)

Although, you should include a substitute song in case we can't do your first request....(laughing)

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