Thursday, November 13, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 11/11/08

Oh Yeah!~

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Yesterday was the Live Event at Shinkiba Studio Coast. In spite of it being a week day evening, there were really a lot of people at the Live House. Thanks for coming.

Ever since the Loud Park Festival, again, we were able to play with a foreign celebrity guitar band and I was so HAPPY. Yesterday, we were playing 4 spots away from MUCC-san, but we were thrilled to be with you.

After all, it's an important place to be, the live event lifted my aspirations to a higher level.

With the One-Man Show coming fast, what should I do?.... I'd like to elevate the level of my performance for the sake of the live music.

My dreams of the future are still getting bigger, but, it's no use if you don't do the things necessary to bring them about.....I feel like performing a lot more.

There are so many things I don't want to take for granted. Because the world is being transformed by frequent changes, I need to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground so I'm not caught up in it. Don't you think?!

I love the dreams and thoughts of people and I'd like to see them come true.....(?)

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the Solo Show. (heart)

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