Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anza JP Blog 11/8/08

No way~!

Hey! In just a short amount of time, the weather turned cold.

Now is the best time to see the Autumn colors because they're so beautiful. I love to get out now. It's my favorite time as Fall turns into Winter. (heart)

I'm thinking that very soon I'll be saying hello to my snowy mountains-san. If that happens.....Happy times~!!!

That's to say I don't want to wait till 2009, however, I think it's impossible to over do it.....snowboarding. (?)

Now, this month on November 10th, there's the live event at Studio Coast in Shinkiba. Then on November 21st at Shibuya Club Asia, the Solo Show!! HPP members live for the chance to perform live.

After the DVD release, Thank you for all the messages with your thoughts about it. I really enjoyed it, and it lifted the spirits of all the members making us feel very happy.

Now, I'll put my best foot forward.


I still haven't gotten my DVD in the mail. I was hoping to get it this week. Guess it'll get here some time next week.

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