Friday, November 28, 2008

Anza HPP Blog 11/29/08 *completed*

Hello, it's Anza (star)

Something unusual happened the other day. Hiro-san updated the Blog. Bout time! (laugh)

Nevertheless, Narumi hasn't shown his face here in a while. Please come out to play, OK?.....

Let me everyone who wrote a comment on my recent Blog, Thank you very much. Your words were truly encouraging through it all. Please remember me after this as life goes on.

There isn't another Live Show before the year is out, which worries me a bit.....I find that I gather up stress as I wait for the next concert.~ (laugh)

Next year, I'm going to be addicted to doing live shows!! As many as possible! So when the time comes, everyone can come out to meet me, don't you agree?

Did you know? The first Live Concert of 2009 is on January 16th.

Oh! Looks like today, Mar went down to get his Flu shot so he doesn't get sick this year.....Me?.....I didn't go.....(laugh)

So, we're putting our best efforts into working on the new song!!


I don't blame them for getting Flu shots. I got it last year and it was miserable. It knocked me off my feet for 3 days. I wrote the guys and told them about it, it seems that the took it to heart this year.

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