Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anza HPP Blog 11/22/08

Hello, it's Anza.

What should I write first....?

I'd like to tell everyone THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you all so much.

It's been a while to play here at Club Asia.
A lot of memories here.
Various thoughts in my heart surrounded me after coming to this place... It was a strange and mysterious sense.

There are 3 things we've never compromised.
1. Making our own style.
2. Making some space for audience that they can feel comfortable.
3. 100% real feelings.

These are what we have cherished since HPP started.

I know it's difficult, but this time I felt we made it just, just a bit.
At last, after 8 years....

To tell the truth, there was a song we could hardly decide to play.
I was sure I would break down...
Folie a Duex... I wondered if I could control myself for sure.
But it seemed like a destiny to sing this song on the 21st, at club Asia.
Personally speaking, my friend left for Heaven on the 20th at night...
It was past of 0:00 AM that I heard it... I didn't tell it to any members because they would worry so much.
I sang this song on the stage.
The same happened before. Why this happened at an One-Man Show...?
Tears didn't stop at all...

But "Folie a Duex" is just for this day, I think.
... Too heart killing though. I won't sing this song anymore.

After the show, I could talk a bit to people who waited for us.
All of you also fight against lots of pain in heart, don't you?
What can I do for you all...? I am not special and just helpless.
But... I am here for you all.
I can feel pain as you feel.
I open my mind and create songs with it. It's hard for us to breathe in this crazy world, isn't it?

I thank God for meeting all of you.
I, who used to be afraid of facing people, now thank kindness and love from everyone.
I am really glad to meet you all.

Thank you.

Folie a Duex tour has finished
But it seems PARALYSED BOX tour is going to start. (laugh)
Keep checking our homepage!

Good Night.

It was really hard to translate this entry.
Not because of translation itself, but what happened to her.
I didn't know this tragic news. I could see her tears during the show.
I was so surprised when they started playing "Folie a Duex" because this song is too emotional to play, i thought.
Her performace was really amazing, like bleeding in her heart.

She was so kind to talk to fans including me after the show. Her words and full of love did encourage me. In spite of her personal thing, she acted so strong.
I respect her so much. I also think HPP members are so adorable as well.

Matt, please fix some words and sentences to make this entry understandable.
This entry should be read by every Anza fan.

setlist(21st, Nov. 2008: club Asia)
01 .n0ize
02. Hang Veil
03. Chain
04. Free Fate
05. Life Is Not Fair
06. Crumbled
07. Room
08. What's
09. Puppet
10. Light To Die
11. Snares
12. Labyrinth
13. Endless Line
14. Folie A Deux
15. Cray Life
16. I will Stay


Beautiful as is, Yuya. I think you captured her emotion better than I could have. Thank-you very much!


Jon said...

Oh my god. I can not believe I missed Folie a Deux. When I first heard that song I thought to myself, "Surely they will never play that live. That's way too difficult, isn't it? No way." - now I read this. :( Amazing set list. I can't believe I missed it. ugh. Folie A Deux tour is over and I still haven't seen them live. Come to Atlantaaaa.

Anyway, I can't believe Anza continued on and sang Folie a Deux even while feeling such awful pain. She's amazing. Very strong.
I would love to meet and talk with her sometime. You guys are all so lucky. :) Really. When you talk to her next, see if you can persuade her to come down to Atlanta sometime, haha. Maybe not a lot of fans, but me and a couple of my friends would be there 100% most definitely. And I'm sure you guys would come too, right? :P

That picture you posted of her at the end is so cute. I wonder what happened to her friend... :\

Matt said...

I got the picture from her Vitamin-Q profile. It seemed to fit the entry very well.

I'm don't know anything about her friend that died. This is the first I've heard of it also.

My sympathies to Anza. That has to be heart breaking.

Jon said...

It does fit, very well. Nice choice.

Maybe she'll talk about her friend or what happened sometime later. Hmm. Poor Anza.

Katie said...

Poor Anza. She's so strong for doing that show through the pain. I hope things get better for her soon, she's in my prayers.

Matt said...

Nicely said, Katie.

If you want to send a message to her to encourage her, send it to Narumi on the HPP Myspace page. Or, use the email on the HPP official page. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.