Friday, November 21, 2008

Vitamin-Q Videos *EDITED*

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I guess I'll spring the Anza/VitaminQ videos on you. This is much different than the HPP music and more along the lines that I thought she would go after Sailor Moon.


I guess for those who want more info on who and what Vitamin-Q is, I can give at least a passable explanation from posts I've read on the V-Q Mixi page.

Vitamin-Q is a band put together by Kato Kazuhiko who is a well known composer and producer of Kabuki theater and film scores. He wanted to put together a concert band to play live shows and this is what lead to the band's foundation.

I know that Anza is a big fan of Kabuki Theater and has probably been familiar with Kato's work for a long time. Which would explain her interest in this project.

There's probably more that could be said, but I think that'll do for starters.

We now return to the rest of the post*

This first video is a Rockin' little number that sounds to me like a strange mix of "The Stray Cats" and the "B-52's".

This next song sounds like a 60's love ballad from someone like "The Ronettes" or a similar type girl group. Love Anza's hair in this one. Her singing is terrific on both songs.

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Jon said...

Hey Matt.
Forgive the n00bness here, please.

But, I've just recently gotten into HPP (about two months back, maybe?), and even more recently found this blog. When I first heard "Vitamin-Q", I thought it was the title to a new album HPP is releasing sometime. Am I wrong, then? What exactly is "Vitamin-Q"?

I know Anza has a solo thing going on as well, but I thought that was just called "Anza". Could "Vitamin-Q" be her solo thing?

Anyway, sorry for the silly question. I'm waiting for the videos to load now.