Friday, August 29, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 8/27/08


current mood: exhausted.

Is my summer almost over?

That's cool, because it passed by quiet and easy. So, that part of it was good. That being said, the remaining part should be usual, except for the fact that my body stills feels drained of energy.

After all, summer is the time for all sorts of things. I know there are things I haven't done.....

There are Fireworks Festivals, hanging out at the swimming pool, or going to the beach, things like that.... Now I feel lonely.

A few years ago, the HPP members went to Niigata City to the Sea. We had a great time playing at the beach. (laugh)

There are still festivals going on, so it seems, although I usually go to hit the food stands. (laugh)

I'll get apricot candy, butter, Jumbo Franks, and Snow-cones!!!

Does it sound like I'm overeating?



I was checking out Aya Matsuura's Blog yesterdaay. She posted 3 more Anza clips from Youtube and she also mentioned this Blog. How cool is that?!!!

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