Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anza JP Blog 8/15/08

Hi there! *Edit*

The Olympic Games are also heating up~! The Japanese Team has been going at it with a fighting spirit. I'm also getting into it. Good luck, team! ?

I usually avoid drinking alcohol when practicing the stage or during production, but.....this time I'm having some drinks. (laugh) It's a good change of pace to be able to drink some wine. (laugh)

We have a dreamy cast and it's great to go out together to dinner after practice and talk. I really look forward to it~.

When you meet people by chance and listen to their stories, it gives me strong feelings. There are a lot of things unknown in life, and when people tell you the stories of their life, it becomes a study to learn to hear the truth.

It's important to me and the band members as we all pursue our dream. Of course, there are many tough lessons to learn, however there is joy in little thing we all can share.

When the band is standing together on stage, supporting each other is serious business, as they say. Don't you think? Indeed, it can be a difficult time.

Hey but, nothing is wasted if you totally cut loose. Rather, I like the possibilities to expand the method I use in expressing myself. ?

A song should not lie!! This is an important policy to me!!

Well, tomorrow, I'll also do my best!


I couldn't come close to guessing the title. Anyone know?

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Yuya said...

Hi, Matt.
the title means just "Hi there!" or "Hey" , something like that.
very casual greetings in Japanese.

She is really talented and have a power to keep going.
Her attitude toward life and everything also makes us keep going, i think.