Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anza JP Blog 8/3/08

Oh Great!

To everyone who came out to the Grind House Event, Thank YOU!! In spite of it being an All-Night Event, it made me happy to see everybody there!

My body's in pain~ (laugh)

And now....today we had a serious meeting at, "Only You" practice. We did the script run through. The singing part is still to come.

Well, with the live ending, the fact is that I didn't get back to the house till a little after 5 A.M. in the morning.....Getting up was tough on me~. (laughing)

Of course, having stiff and sore muscles, on top of being dead tired didn't help......(laugh)

But, I got power from the rest of the cast and the script reading turned into real fun. If you keep in mind that it's hard work, I think doing this musical is great! (laugh)

In order to get familiar with my character, Ayako Honma, I need to do my best day after day.


I think it's cool that Anza gets to play a girl named, Ayako".

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Ksusha said...

Ahhh, I so would like to see this musical!!! I am sure that Anza fine will manage with a role!!! Thank you, Matt, for information!!!!))