Monday, August 11, 2008

Anza JP Blog 8/10/08

Oh Wow!

Whew! It's hot (laugh) Everyday it feel like I'll wither in this heat.

Musical practice is well under way and making progress. I still have work to do to memorize my lines.....Boo hoo hoo (cry)

The Olympics have also begun. I don't usually watch an excessive amount of TV, unless there is something special on that I'm interested in. Then I'm glued to the TV set.

Ryoko Tani won a Bronze Medal in Judo!! Amazing!! It may not be a gold medal, but you're a wonderful athlete when you can return home carrying a medal!!

It must take a great deal of effort to win a medal! It inspires me to always do my best.

HPP's 2nd Live DVD will go on sale on October 29th.
We have all sorts of different plans!


Congratulations to Ryoko Tani!

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