Saturday, August 9, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 8/8/08


Hey! It started.

I got very emotional while watching the opening ceremonies. I mean, seeing people from different countries all around the world, walking along with smiling faces and waving, it just tugged at my heart strings.

Why do we need War and Strife? I don't understand why it's so essential to us.

I think they should turn ROCK into a new Olympic Event. I wonder if it's possible? (laugh)

I'd be happy to see and hear ROCK bands from different countries. Then we could turn it into a world tour. It would be fun to be touched by the different cultures. That's the dream that I'd like to see spread out across the globe!~ (laughing)

All the team players from all over the world, Fight!!

Also, Japan, Fight!



"Anza's Rock Olympics". Has a nice ring to it.

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