Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anza JP Blog 3/12/08 "Akira Edit"

Like so~

My mood is better, but I was a little under the weather for a while. I'm still feeling a bit run down and sluggish.

Along with that~ the tour ran swiftly with a lot of shows.

Now, I'd like to go and play with reckless abandon.

I want to go to Disneyland! Or maybe Nikko City! I'd like to go to different aquariums! Perhaps, I should go to the zoo!

Hey! I could pretend I was a lazy brat! (laugh)

I'd like to go on a shopping spree and buy some new Western-Style clothes~ (heart) Spring is coming quickly.

Oh! I like the "Ratatouille" movie very much. (heart) I saw it at the movie theater and I even watched it 2 more times on DVD. (laugh) ?

I also intend to go to some stage shows!

I'd like to make plans to see a super Kabuki show on stage! I think I'll work to make that happen. (heart)

Here's the way Akira translated this blog. I really appreciate this. Thanks!


Hi Matt.
I read that you're confused to translate Anza-san's blog.

Here's my translation.

I'm feeling heavy at a body whether I got discouraged.
It is, because of I run with full speeds by the tour.
Now I awful want to go out to play now!
It is DisneySea! It is Nikko Edo Village! It is an aquarium! And a zoo!!
I seems like a kid.(laugh)
I also go out to buy clothes~♡
Spring is coming soon!
Oh! I really love the movie "Remy's delicious restaulant"♡
I saw it at a movie theater but again saw with DVD twice.(laugh)
I want to see some stage shows!!
There's a plan to see a super Kabuki♡

The movie is "Remy's delicious restaulant" by Disney.

I hope this will some help for you.


Bunny said...

Remy's delicious restaurant, or something similar - definitely Ratatouille.

Matt said...

Thank you, Bunny. Last time I talked to Anza, she was really happy because she went on the "Finding Nemo" ride at Disneyland. So, I went with Ratatouille because it's an animated Disney Movie.