Saturday, March 22, 2008

Anza JP Blog 3/19/08

Hey! It's raining.

I didn't have an umbrella to hold when I went out for a walk.Sometimes, it's a good thing, don't you think?

It's a pleasant experience to have the water trickle on the nice woman as she walks along......I sigh a little, but. (laugh)

Now days, looking at the dokuro, I wish I could get it for free.

The fabrics with the new prints., I've looked at new Western cloths in Tokyo, but I haven't taken anything to the register yet. (laugh)

What?Candies are the latest design of the artist's impressions.

However, as cute as they are, I'd still like to make my own fashion point!

After my recent Good Stick, I'd like to eat some tasty candies. (laugh) Delicious, right~!!

Yeah, the cheap sweets shop is really gone. I'd go there everyday as a child carrying coins, to choose the candy I wanted to try.....

But, that touching moments is gone, don't you think?


There's probably a lot in this translation that could use some tweaking, if anyone wants to take a stab at it.

I didn't know what dokuro was, so that threw me for a while.

At the end, I think she's talking about a candy or snack called a "Good Stick". I just remember them because Chieco Kawabe used to post pictures of them on her Blog all the time.

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