Saturday, February 23, 2008

Anza JP Blog 2/23/08 *EDITED* again 2/25

Yes Totally!

I'm full of energy! (laugh)

We had to push hard to accomplish everything on our amazingly tough schedule. (laugh)

The band went to Beijing, China to do our live that means I've been through Narita Airport twice in one week. (laughing)

At last things have settled down and I'm able to write.

Well, well, the first time in China went fast.

There was a Gyoza problem..... (she's referring to the recent poisoning incidents of Chinese made dumplings) Also, the Japanese people are usually given the cold shoulder....but the entire time, I was treated kindly!!!

Real Chinese food is the best, and I was really pleased with it.

However, to see the disparity in the social fabric with your own eyes is....yes....complicated.
Yeah, I could look out of the window of this elegant hotel room and I could see people living in places not looking like a place for people to live in.

General freedom, equality and the things that go with it, are things I need to think about seriously.

However, all people have their differences. Kindness is the important thing to bridge the gaps. That's what I try to do!

Oh! I went to the Lyon Gong Review! ?

The man was terrific!


I got some help on the translation fro Rika-Chicchi on the Keiko Kitagawa board.

I've been sick for the last 2 days and this was too tough to figure out on my own.

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