Monday, February 11, 2008

Anza JP Blog2/9/08

Without a Hitch!

The musical, "Pregnant Woman in Love!" has finished it's concluding program.

Then going out, I launched some alcoholic drinks which I haven't done in a long time. At first, I was reluctant, then ~well~ it was good!!!

The cast was really wonderful and it made me happy to be permitted to be part of the show. I've enjoyed myself since practice started, I couldn't help myself.

Also, everyone on the staff were really nice and kind people. I was looking forward to seeing them every day.

But, the fact is, now I'm terribly put it bluntly. (laugh)

To close, I feel like I accomplished something since I was out of the practice habit or remembering lines. (laugh)

After this, I'm looking forward to the day in the future when we can meet again and enjoy ourselves.

Everyone who came to the theater to see the show, Thank-You truly.


Ayaka Komatsu, who was Sailor Venus in PGSM, mentioned going to see the play, "Pregnant Woman in Love." I figured that was Anza's play, so I thought I'd use the title that EngrishwithMichiru came up with. It seem to fit the characters better.

Ayaka didn't say anything particular about the show, but just said how wonderful musicals are to see live.

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