Friday, February 1, 2008

Anza JP Blog 2/1/08

At Last....

Already, the date changes today....Man! But, I'm facing opening day for our show....

Although, I must say that I was really nervous when we ran through our costume rehearsal....consider the effect....I was shivering with fear. (laugh)

Buddha god! Charm please!!!!!I need something to put my heart at ease so that I can perform my best!!

I'm patiently waiting for tomorrow. I plan to go to the theater and give it my best shot.

So now, I'm headed to bed. (laugh)


Anza doesn't need a charm....not when she has me. lol

Be sure to check out the comments on the HPP Blog on 1/22. I really goofed on part of the translation about the HPP Movie. Akira has helped me out and I think that I know what Anza meant.

Head Phones President is doing an acoustic song and she'll be uploading the PV later.

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Akira. said...

Well, my comment was poor, sorry.

Yes HPP did Acoustic live at the live for Nagoya Chita. And will upload the movie at that time.

I'm lookng forward for it.