Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anza JP Blog 1/29/08


The snow is falling down, but I'd like to see it switch over to rain.... ?

Yesterday, (the 27th) was the last practice for our show at the gymnasium. All the arrangements have been made and we're finally headed to the theater.

The cast have all been given 2 days off.

From today on, all the staff will be working at the theater preparing everything for our run through of the show. I always think that everyone of the staff truly appreciate our desire to do a wonderful play.

This is a great production, to appear with seniors on a daily basis. Everyday at practice, there is more to discover.

I'm watching my physical conditioning, and looking forward to Opening Day.

I'm going to do my best!


I think Anza's pic is a copy of the script.

I'm not too sure about the opening line about the weather, I gave it my best guess.

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Akira said...

Yes, this is a photo of the script.

The transration for the first sentense.
"Somewhat it seems snowing."
That's all.