Monday, January 21, 2008

Anza JP Blog 1/22/08

And we have more cold weather!

I just feel like shouting!

It's cold outside!!!!!

On the 20th, our band HPP went to Nagoya to do a show. On the way back....the snow started coming down.

No, I don't hate winter or think it's something to avoid. But, right now, it's just a little too cold for my liking.~.

Oh! My stage practice has gone through to the end. Practice has a good flow going into the final scenes and I admire how the show ends.

I truly have to give it my best!!!

Certainly, everyone should come and see, "Oh My Baby Our Baby". Please, do it for me!! You can thank me later.

Ah! I also have practice tomorrow!!

Good night~!


There's more about the HPP show in Nagoya on the HPP Blog. I'll translate that later.

*Special Note*

Akira posted an explanation for a part of the HPP Blog translation on 1/15 that I had trouble with. Be sure to check out her comment.

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