Wednesday, January 16, 2008

HPP Blog 1/15/08

It's Anza (star)

I've just returned home safely from Kanazawa. (laugh)

Well, the snow was really coming down! But that didn't keep the fans away. Everyone who came to the show, Thank You.

Kanazawa is such a special place for HPP. This is where we did our first radio show of the tour. It was a pleasant welcome.

But above all, AZ is such a terrific live house and I love it!

All the staff have a passion for the band, and sometimes when they show it, my head spins and it takes some time to set in. But, I've really come to appreciate it.

Besides, meeting Mr. Van, his friends, and all the other bands have become very important to me. Every time I return to this place for a live show, it's amazing and I'm grateful for the experience. (Mr. Van ?)

Hey! All my best to Kanazawa!!

Today's Photographs.

1: First, one of the staff at Kanazawa AZ lovingly made these handmade covers for the beverages. How thoughtful!

2: Second, this pic is the sushi buffet they laid out for HPP. (laugh)

3: Third, is a pic of the staff and bands for the customary souvenir photo collection.

Here the Blog link for the pics.

HPP Blog 1/15

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Akira said...

*suppliment help*
"Mr.Van"="対バン" means to play with the same event. Sometimes we also call such a band.
She thanks to the bands in this comment.