Monday, January 7, 2008

Anza JP Blog 1/08/08

I'm back!

Is everyone taking it easy in the New Year? I went with HPP and some friends on a snowboarding trip.After a long time, I felt completely restful and at ease.

And then, the Jan. 6th live show at the Shibuys Boxx went well.Thank you all for coming. Of course, now I'm stiff and sore. (laugh)

Now on the 7th, my new stage production, "Oh my Baby our Baby", begins. I've already started singing practice.

I have a desperate desperate struggle!!! The piano in the musical performance is perfectly dreamy. Just to listen to it puts you in a state of ecstasy.

Hey! That isn't a good situation when you need to concentrate on performing. (laugh)?

Anyhow, listening to the score daily will be a comfort as the time passes!!!!! ?

There's also practice tomorrow! I need to keep up with my physical conditioning!!! I have to push through with my best effort!!


Anza's musical runs from Jan. 31 to Feb. 7th.

There was a pic of Anza and the guys on the snowboard trip posted on the HPP Blog. Here's the link to the entry.

Snowboard pic

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