Tuesday, January 22, 2008

HPP Blog 1/22/08

It's Anza (star)

Recently, have some members pulled a disappearing act? Hiro in particular! After writing one Blog entry, he's gone missing in action!! The leader is setting a bad example. (laughing)

By the way, on the 20th HPP went to Nagoya to perform.

What's that? Live show.

Are you sure? You want to cry because it wasn't on the schedule?....Yeah. So, what's the deal?

TV Chita put together an Event for their 10th year anniversary. They wanted to assemble hometown musical artists to come and play for their cable TV program. It will be broadcast tomorrow.

Nagoya is still my hometown. That's why we were invited.

They didn't want to make an official announcement of our playing in the show. It was to be s surprise. Sorry about keeping it a secret, OK?

Now, HPP has their first challenge to try and play with an acoustic musical accompaniment. ?

Before long, we'll announce plans involving an animation movie program. Stay tuned!

Here's today's photograph.

At a freeway service station pit stop, Narumi and Batch are squatting to look at Key Chains. (laugh)


HPP 1/22


I'm not sure about Anza's comment on the acoustic show. I couldn't tell if she meant HPP would play acoustic guitars, or if they would use an orchestra to accompany the show. I'm thinking the second one, if it has to do with a movie soundtrack.


Akira said...

She means that HPP challenged to play with acoustic instruments and will upload the movie before long.

HPP's acoustic... it remains me HIRO-san's solo live in the end of 2006. He played with acoustic guitar, and it was so fantastic.

Matt said...

Thanks for your help, Akira.

At first I thought she meant that HPP performed an acoustic show for the Nagoya TV show.

It was the word movie that probably threw me off. I think I would have figured it out if Anza had used the words, "video clip".

So, I guess this movie will be uploaded soon.