Friday, February 8, 2008

HPP Blog 2/7/08

It's Anza (star)

With the snow everyday, and the cold day after day,my life has I still vigorous or what?

Say....the acoustic video I promised is still being worked on. It'll be ready soon, so please hang on.

Still, I'm waiting for it to reach my labor assistant, it isn't to avoid posting it.....sorry.

But first, how about it if I post some photographs? (laughing)

1: The first shot is the HPP members doing a careful sound check and rehearsal.

2: The second pic is backstage in the dressing room. It looks like Mar, Narumi, and Batch are having a suspicious meeting. (laugh)

3: The third pic is the band members shooting a comment segment for the program.

4: Fourth is a scenery shot of the show venue. (in the audience is a member)

5: Fifth is a commemorative pic of Hiro and the guitar he played that day. (laugh)

6: Sixth is a live shot of the band. ( probably doing the normal version of the song)

Now, what I'm feeling.

Closer and closer are the dates for HPP's next shows. The 15th (Quattro, Shibuya) and the 17th ( Beijing) is up next on the schedule. We'll be playing with the band "In This Moment", and then the nation-wide tour will ratchet up the tension. So, I have kicked open my cage and will leave my home to go far away. The current tour is by no means over!!

After this, be sure to check back for more announcements~!


Love all the pics Anza posted. I hope she uploads the acoustic show video soon.

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