Friday, September 21, 2007

Anza JP Blog 9/20/07


Today was opening day in Tokyo. Privately, there is a reflection point, but now I can heave a sigh of relief that the evening went well.

Also today, we met early at the theater for costume rehearsal. At lunch time they brought me a chicken on egg and rice obento. "box lunch"

I was glad because that delicious delicacy was terrific!!! I've never eaten such tasty chicken on egg and rice!!

Incidentally, the name of the store was written on the chopstick package. I made an important notation of it in my personal notebook to be sure to get some more. (laugh)

Next chance I get, I'll certainly stop by and get some chicken on egg and rice!!!!

And then, today I had the highest happiness when I was greeted by the audience. I was so happy, I couldn't hold back the tears!!

I dare not write all my feelings of what it means to meet the fans, (heart) But, is it alright to say my heart yearns to see you?

Tomorrow I'll receive power from everyones support once again.

I'll try to do my best!!!!


Yay! Happy Anza.

Does anyone think she might like chicken on egg and rice? lol

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