Friday, September 14, 2007

Anza JP Blog 9/14/07 *EDITED*

Finish time...

Going on the road was really great!!!!!!!

After safely finishing the Osaka and Nagoya performances of the show, I've returned home.

I've developed the habit of taking my personal computer everywhere I go. When I'd get back to the hotel, I'd collapse on the bed and open it up. (laugh)

Whew! I wish I was feeling more restful to make more updates to the Blog. Dang it!

But, I was concentrating on the stage show which makes me perfectly happy.

The next 19 days is the Tokyo public performance where I'll next appear on stage.

I love this photograph, it's the female actresses in the dressing room.

*Akira Edit*
In addition, I print Takashiro Dracula of the chairperson to my eyes and never forget!!
Because if I'm not use for Margerita I'm a great fan of Dracula for ANZA!!
Maru-chan does her best!!!!

Dracula castle is not good translation, I think. It's just a name of the actress.
This is her official HP.

The photograph is all of the woman dressing room member of "love time...".
Nori-chan as Koharu, Ami-chan as Wakana, Yu-chan as Hagi,Namie-chan as Fuji, Tama-chan as Okame.
And seven people of Naru-chan as Garasha and me are the same dressing rooms though Naru-chan is not in a photograph.
It is the dressing room which is full of spirit every day!!!

*End Edit*

Everyday backstage is full of energy!!!
Akira straightened out the Dracula's castle comment. It's really the name of the actress Kei Takashiro.

Anza HPP Diary 9/14/07


I had a wonderful time going to Osaka and Nagoya to perform in the musical.

For some reason, the insomnia kicked in again. So, even though I hated to do it, I got some medicine to deal with it. (laughter)

I'm feeling better now that I've returned home safely.

Now days , as an HPP member, the push is on for the new album release.

You finish one job, then a second, but it feels like the work is unending. Lot's of work, right? (laughter)

Worrying about that, brings on more sleeplessness and more medicine. But, I need to keep going.

Very soon, I think there'll be future information and forthcoming notifications that will be of interest to everyone.

Of course, I feel like shouting when I say that we'll be announcing a new tour.

As I thought, not having a live show to do is hard.....


WOW! Cool, I can't wait to see if they're coming to New York soon.

If Anza has trouble sleeping, she should come to Kentucky. It's so laid back here it's no problem to get sleep.

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