Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 1/19/09

Worn out......

current mood: Exhausted

Everyone who came to the Shibuya Live, Thank you. As I thought, I immediately got in tune with the live show and everything clicked, even after a long time. (laugh)

Already, I'm itching to do another concert!!!

The next day I left to return to my parents home in Nagoya and I'm really going to miss it.

I'm the eldest daughter in a family of 4 brothers and sisters. That means.......2 younger sisters and a younger brother and everyone is a Mama and a, in a nutshell, it's only me who's unmarried. (laugh)

When I come home to my parents house it certainly get serious! I get baby-sitting duty!!!!

But,'s very charming~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Aunt-chan! That's what they call out to me. (laugh)

Only, when one person gets a hug, the others get jealous and cry. Or, when one is playing with a toy the others like, they get envious and a state of war breaks out. (laugh)

Children are a wonderful power, don't you think?!

Still, I want to try marriage. Then some day after that, I'll probably become a Mama........that's wonderful, right?! (laugh)

However, right now, things are still pleasant. (laugh)


Anza doesn't have to look to far if she's wanting a husband. I wanted to marry her as soon as I met her.

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Katie said...

Aw, Anza. I think she'll be a great mom. From what I've seen of her Sera Myu days, she's great with kids. One day, I'm sure, she'll have her own.