Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anza JP Blog 1/19/09

The trip! (?)

First everyone who came out to see the Live Show on the 16th at Shibuya Box, Thank you (heart)

By the way, I had to leave and head to Nagoya the very next day. Not to mention, I had to rush because it was right after the concert.

I didn't have the chance to meet any friends on this trip. I had to go and come right back. I'm just now getting settled back in at home. Yes! The weather is also cold in Nagoya. (laugh)

This was my first trip in a bullet train in a long time, however......I really didn't want to get on it. (laugh)

It was the extra high speed Toukai-Line Shinkansen and it only took about an hour and a half to arrive at the gate. Amazing! Don't you think? That was quick~! (laugh)

Well, to operate and run something that moves that fast is has to endure a lot!

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