Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 1/11/09


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Look at me! I'm going for it with the Blog. (laugh)

Today, I treated myself to sushi. (heart) It was delicious! But you know, I'm still a child when it comes to wasabi *hot horse radish*, it's difficult to swallow down. The burning sensation was quick to over take me, even though it was something I requested......(cry)

I thought I'd die if I didn't switch to something else. I had already been spoiled, so I began digging into the sweet Korean rice cakes. (laugh)

Now, this month HPP will be shooting new artist photographs. This time my plans are to use 3 different costume changes and cloth patterns for the photos.

But, I'm not thrilled with the location of the's the middle of winter! It will be really cold, you can count on it!

As for me, I'm thinking of wearing a sleeveless dress......and yet we'll be shooting outside! Are they trying to get me? (laugh) This isn't really the time to get too familiar with mascara and seasonal clothing!

I have my work cut out for me today, I have to get to work on writing new song lyrics!!! My big thing is to always tell the truth, or else it's meaningless. (laugh)

I'll have to keep at it.



Believe it or not, this was a hard entry to translate. It had my 2 big stumbling blocks. Food and song writing.

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