Monday, January 12, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 1/11/09

Hey! It's Anza (star)

It's rather late, but.....soon it will become daylight!!!

This year also HPP would like to ask you properly, Please stick with us!!

We ended 2008 at Strum Studio, and that's still the case at the start of 2009. Tell me, how is everyone?

At any rate, HPP has even more time to pass in studio confinement. But, that's especially true for me. (laugh)

While one new song is being finished, we move on to the next, we fight to keep at it. We try to write tunes from a time in our lives and then lay down the recording!!!

And now~ the first Live Show is early in 2009 on the 16th!! Isn't that good to know? (laugh)

For everyone in Tokyo, this will be a good way to escape. Even if it's only for a little while. That's what I think.

Still, this is just the beginning of the Paralysed Boxx Tour, right? So, let's meet at the Shibuya Boxx on the 16th. (heart)

By the way, my buddy Narumi has put in an appearance on the Blog before I realized it. (laugh)

Well, will you be coming here often this year? I wonder, will the other guys become regulars also? (laugh)

I'm still waiting for Hiro-san.........

Recently, MY boom (favorite thing) is Natto hot spring boiled eggs. (heart) They are quite delicious and they help to improve your health!

Hey! aquaintance of mine who is a Palm Reader gave me a reading. However....if I want to stay healthy in my body and mind, it isn't past hope!!

Most of my troubles come from my manner of life. Because I live my life as a night person.

I'm going to sleep.....right now. (laugh)


I wonder if you have to go to the hot springs to get the eggs, or do they deliver?

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