Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 1/17/09

I'm home on Jan. 17th. I walked through the door at 5:50 AM.

First of all, yesterday was the Shibuya Box Live show and to everyone who came, Thank you very much. (heart)

Since the start of the new year 2009, this was our first live and we were happy to begin.

Although, the press almost completely took all my time. Your pardon, please? This is something that happens often at an Event. Why?

Still, to the people who came from far away to see me, it's truly inexcusable.....

Yesterday's Show was 9 songs including the Encore. Perhaps it was because it was after the One-Man Live, Eh? The end? I felt rushed. (laugh)

Quickly, everyone began calling out for an Encore, I felt unaffected and changed my clothes in a hurry. (laugh)

I had already tied my hair up in a bundle when I decided, "I'll do an Encore"!!!! Hastily, I appeared back onstage to perform. It's hurried me. (laugh) Quite rare? (laugh)

But, I felt this was truly an enjoyable Event!!

Absolutely, to everyone who came, Thank you!!!!

Now, were in the phase of recording preparation! Also, there's Live news and information and the like that we'll be putting out one after the other. So, be sure to check back often, OK?!

My neck is still sore!!!!!!!! (laugh)

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