Saturday, January 31, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 1/28/09

Yes we can! (laugh)

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Well, this week's schedule will be completely filled by Strum Studio. I wonder if my mind can put up with it?......I'm worried.

Now presently, I feel like one person who's playing 3 different roles. With HPP, Vitamin-Q, and as Anza......

HPP restores my presence of mind, we fit together in so many different ways. As for Vitamin-Q, the challenge is continuing and I always have to be diligent and study. And as Anza, I think I still have many different faces and roles to play.

With so many faces, which one is the real me???

I don't always understand myself, after playing so many parts from the original. (laugh)

Only, all I'm doing now is reality and it isn't a lie. You can have a 4 fold personality split, right? (laugh)

But, I still think the most important thing is HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT. It would be a big mistake to throw away the band. It's like my home and my family members.

The music is so important and central to the members, staff, and all the fans.

To borrow the words from President Obama......Yes we can!!!!

Well, take care. (laugh)


We've had a big winter storm here in Kentucky, so I'm a bit behind on doing my translations.

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