Monday, April 20, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 4/17/09

What the?

current mood: cold

Yesterday, my table heater was put away despite the return of colder weather.......should I go and get it back out just for today?.......Ah~ It's as I thought, I missed my table heater. (laugh)

Still, the recording is ongoing. But, we're steadily making progress!

Of course, doing this parallel with the tour is a bit difficult.

That's why it's so important to stay fit and take care of my health. Everyday I feel like I'm being tested.

I'm no longer putting all my energy into going out to see shows and going out to have a few drinks......Staying up all night is a thing of the past, but I guess that's just the way it works. Does this mean I've grown up?

It can't be.....age.......humph! (laugh)

I've uploaded a few photos, so please take an exclusive look! OK?

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