Monday, April 6, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 4/6/09

My note!

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To all you guys who came out to the Shibuya Live Show, Thank you so much. (heart)

Also, when I sang the new song and everyone was so very pleased to hear it, seeing this made me really happy!!!!

Though, also left over from the show is some muscle pain?

On the 6th, I did some Hanami (Cherry Blossom viewing) and made a trip to a Shinto shrine for a personal visit.

Say, the cherry flower petals were a light pink color and they were dancing and fluttering in the breeze. It was a magnificent scene!!


from here at the shrine......I pulled up a fortune to see what it said, yep.

DokiDoki (my heart was pounding) to see the said my luck was uncertain.......

Yo, in what way does this apply to me?

Furthermore, it tore when I tried to tie it to the tree......however, it certainly gave me a dark premonition explosion. (laugh)

The thing I prayed for was a quite and peaceful life. (laugh)


Anza is watching Cherry blossoms, and today we got a light snow in Kentucky. She needs to send some of that warm weather my way. lol

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