Saturday, April 4, 2009

Anza JP Blog 4/1/09

April Fool's Day? ( Day of lies?)

This is apparently the one day a year when you're permitted to lie. But, you're actually just fibbing I think, and I can come up with nothing. (laugh)

OK! So, when I do try to lie to the world it ends up sounding like a swirling noise. Still, let me see, I just might have something to say. (laugh)

Here's something extreme......

I was married once!!!! (laugh)

A-ha-ha-ha!! was secret!!......?.......??.........that might be something sad. (laugh)

Here's something pleasant! I love HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT even more. (heart)

Well, today I go back to recording! I get to sing!

Everyone, it's useless when I try to pull your leg. (laugh)

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Jonneh said...

Aww, I found this sweet/cute :) I'd love to meet Anza someday..