Sunday, March 29, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 3/30/09 *completed*

Hey, guys. It's Anza (star)

I've returned home!!

Anyhow, it was a busy schedule. Yet somehow it was even more fulfilling.

First things first, right?

To everyone for all you did for me, Thank you. Every day I was bubbling over with gratitude.

There were really a lot of people who came out to the concert halls, so to them Thank you. Again, it certainly felt like an honor to be permitted to meet you all.

Even though I say I was busy, this member was always calculating ways to find and eat delicious foods. (laugh) I even found a Hot Spring to go to which was very satisfying.

Well, we picked up recording where we left off. We left behind a song to record.....yeah....for some reason, I'm very fired up about it.

Surely, so far I've been able to deliver my feelings. This has been a tour to test my strength and hopefully to make me stronger.

What is reality?

There are lies and fleeting bits of information that you get from your environment. For me and the others it tends to slam on the brakes on your personal growth. ?

HPP, in a round about way, try to set in motion the things that are on mine and the other guys hearts. That's why we always tell only the truth in our Live Shows. This is possibly the biggest fact I've come to realize on this tour.

I'm looking ahead and cheerful. I'm wondering what surprises await when I sing at the next show. ?

The next Live show is in Shibuya!!

So, let's meet in Shibuya. (heart)

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