Thursday, March 12, 2009

Anza JP Blog 3/11/09

Round and Round we go.

HPP's song recording with the exception of the vocals is nearing the end. The song's main feeling is April, don't you think?.....*

Well now, on the 9th, musical Gift producer Gold-san had a launch party for the book publication, "Gift, Beyond the Time". But, there was also a Live corner I participated in and it was a real privilege.

A number from The Gift musical was sung by cast members Manabu-san who play the Osamu part,Tikako Sawada, and myself with 3 other people.

After all, we were singing in a different kind of place, but the mood hadn't changed. By the end of the song we were back in The Gift feeling.

Now, many Congratulations to producer Gold-san!!!

Tomorrow, I'll be back at it recording my song. Soon, I'll need to get some sleep. ZZZ

ZZZZZZZZ (laugh)


*I think what Anza is saying in that one sentence, is that the song has the feeling that it will be ready for the April tour dates.*

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