Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 3/17/09

Hey guys, Anza here. (star)

We successfully completed the first half of the new recording. The only thing left is to record the vocal track and do a final mix down. Oh! And running off a Master CD!!

The tour starts back up this week! It's been quite a long time since we appeared on stage....ya think? You'd have to go back to January when we played at the Boxx Club!!

The recording is something like a musical performance, although you're not playing in front of a live audience. You still feel like you've performed a bit, so you don't miss it as much, right?

But, touring is my first love and lot's of fun, yes! (laugh)

I love the food and trying new dishes, also going to the hot springs. Along with shopping and sightseeing!!!! That's when we have a fair amount of time to play. (laugh)

Of course, the Live show is the Main Event, right? (laugh)

On this latest tour, a day-off will almost be non-existent if the manager has her say. Almost everyday now, I have to accommodate such things like radio, TV appearances, and the collecting of data. It eats up my free time and I have no time to play!!!! The relentless manager is quickly turning into an ogre. (laugh)

But, all the band members are in high spirits!! On this tour, make sure you come out to the Live Houses to meet us. I'm looking forward to the chance!!

And now......

About 4 years ago, HPP got our beloved tour van to hit the road. But, in 18 days, she'll be put out to pasture because we've outgrown her......

Her official full name is Deli Delicatessen!
Thank you truly!! We owe you a lot!!

Last souvenir picture. (crying)

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