Monday, March 16, 2009

Anza JP Blog 3/13/09


Here's an announcement I haven't made as yet. However, it's ready now so here it is......

I, for the first time, had the privilege of performing in a PV video for a band different than my own!! This PV is put together by some truly wonderful people.

It will be included on VAMPS-sans new single featuring KAZ-san and Lyrics by HYDE-san.

On March 13th, they'll be releasing, I GOTTA KICK START NOW. It's the PV for the cover tune of "Trouble" that I had the privilege to make my appearance.

And "Trouble" will be the new CF Image song for GEREZZA!

This was shot when Vitamin-Q was rehearsing for the AX Live show. I was nervous because I had to take off in the middle of everything to do the filming. (laugh)

The Sunday we went to photograph, the weather at the location was bad. It was bitter cold.

With my two friends from VAMPS, and the teamwork of all the people on the staff, it was a wonderful experience. I was really impressed with everyone's dedication to the project. (laugh)

My appearance turned out very good!!!

Everyone, please be sure to check out VAMPS-san's new tune, OK?!!

Look for me wearing a nice looking mini-skirt. Even I was excited when I got to wear it. (laugh)


I made the link clickable to the CD Japan order page if you'd like to get this CD.

I foung the PV of Trouble on Youtube. I have to say that I really like this tune. And Anza looks fabulous!


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Jon said...

Anza looks GREAT! Ooh, a mini-skirt.. :P haha