Sunday, March 29, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 3/28/09


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I've arrived back home for the first time since the tour started. It's quite a hectic schedule to have, but it really recharges my batteries. So, I'd love to do more.

To each of the bands where we came to call at an Event, and to the band Van staff, everyone Thank you!

And then, to everyone who came to see us at the shows, really Thank you! (heart)

As for the latest tour, there were a lot of people who have supported me for years who had to wait for our return. And when we showed up they were very pleased to see us.

There are new fans that know HPP from Loud Park and from Burrn! magazine. So, there were many people who have heard of us and came to see HPP Live.....I was very delighted.

The reason is, that it's a hot thing to live life to the fullest, right?

At such moments it truly touches my heart, filling it with a warm feeling. It's like being wrapped in a happy letter.

So many people have supported me to make me happy that I really want to do my best and try even harder.

Oh! But, as usual, we're still a dark and gloomy band, right?! (laugh)

I put a new song in the Oita Live set list and I'm ready to shout myself hoarse at the next show.

The next Live where you can come and hear us is here in should be. (laugh)

In Kyushu, I had a data collecting interview and the like. So, check it out, OK?!

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