Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 2/28/09

Hey! it's Anza (star)

Let's talk about the recording that started today!! We're also going to send you some of the photographs from this day.

Tuning his drums to perfection, Batch!! He's really into the fighting spirit!
And after a sudden and unexpected accident, Narumi thinks he's broken his bass guitar. Oh no! (laugh)
Here's the intro for Hiro, who will prove to be the knight in shining armor in this tale!!
And now, we see Hiro trying to repair the damage to the bass with a soldering iron. Narumi is watching over the procedure and earnestly praying that it works. (laugh)
It's my duty as your tour guide to introduce to you guitar player Mar!
Well, my assignment for today went off without a hitch! Batch is already nodding off to sleep. (laugh)

I almost didn't make it there on time. (laugh) I was given the official job as Go-fer and had to stop by the music store to pick up guitar strings and other necessities.......(laugh)

Tomorrow, we'll also be doing our best~.

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