Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 3/23/09


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The shows in Nagoya City and Fukuoka City have been successfully completed and now HPP is off to Oita.

The last few days were not entirely off days. We did guest appearances on a TV program, a radio show, and data collecting for a magazine. After the Live show, I honestly wanted to do more sight seeing.

At Nagoya City and also at Fukuoka City, it was really great to see so many people come out to the concert and it made me very happy.~ (star)

Everyone is also thankful to our Band Van!

It's a fairly famous vehicle and I'm told I have to sell it in a hurry. I just have to accept the situation and bid her farewell. I can't say Thanks enough.

The big thing tomorrow is the Live Show. Of course, we have plans to hit the Hot Springs that we have been brought close to thanks to our schedule. (laugh)

Ah! It was lovely at Kyushu with all the cherry trees blooming! I can't wait to return to Tokyo and watch all the cherry trees bloom there. I think seeing them will be quite a good feeling, like living in Paradise!!

Now, I'm totally focused on what needs to be done tomorrow, right?

I'll see you at the Show.


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