Friday, March 6, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 3/4/09 *completed*

Once again, it's Anza (star)

There's snow on the roof! I've seen it!

The recording is also doing well and we're moving right along-x. Today, finally, my turn arrived in the studio and I was able to record some vocals.

Well well....I did have to ask what I was doing poorly~ but my shouting skills are getting much better. (laugh)

I need to keep my composure when I'm listening to playbacks, right? (laugh)

Now it's time for the photographs.

Liquid Protein D, the drink that increases your energy 100%, then doubles it. (laugh)

Here's Hiro staring at a music catalog.

I think he's itching to record, Narumi.

While I was singing the temporary vocals, they secretly took advantage of me and snapped this photo.

Break time! We take them from time to time and here's the suave Mar kicking back. (laugh)

Seriousness, the very word itself, Batch!

Continuing on, at last the news ban has finally been lifted and we can make some announcements about upcoming shows. The Live concert Tour is coming to Sendai City and Sapporo City. We'll be doing guest appearances for the band In This Moment when they come to play in Japan.

Last time we performed with them in Tokyo, and Beijing, China. The next time they would come to Japan to tour was still far off, then the members of In This Moment gave us a call and said they were coming back. That was really great news~!

After such a long time, I'm really going to enjoy meeting you all again. And I can't wait to see your magnificent Live Shows! I think it's going to be an exciting 3 days!! Please be sure to come and see us, OK? (heart)

There's still some more announcements to come but we have to wait till they lift the news ban. I apologize for the delay.

Tomorrow, more tenacious recording!

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