Friday, March 20, 2009

Anza JP Blog 3/18/09

Tension Up!

See you later because I've already headed off to Sunlight Edo Village!!!!!!!!!

I had to force it into my schedule, but I'm having quite a good time.~ (heart)

Hey! of course I went to the play to catch the appearance of Mr. Ken Hasegawa and watch the action!!! I quickly went to 2 open air shows and already it's been a big satisfaction for me!!

The weather in Sunlight is also good. The plum trees and lot's of pretty flowers are in bloom.

The play again.....there's another amazing actor with a truly different style!!

Ken-san and his co-star are appearing together!!

I got the chance to meet him......excellent......I can't complain. (laughs)


Jon said...

Lol! I just love the way she takes pictures... :D I still remember that one of her with the Pink Panther.

Katie said...

Anza is so cute in her pictures! I love how enthusiastic and awed she is to meet other actors.